New Version of CamControl MV 1.1.8 available in the Partner Forum

The latest version of CamControl MV offers new and useful options for the user optimised adjustment of the investigative window, the investigative site archive evaluation and the signalling of “video motion alarms”. The configuration of the software to monitor e.g. entry and exit areas is improved with these new options.
To support all functions you have to install the latest receiver software and HeiTel device firmware 2.10.

The main new features are

  • Extended investigative camera window options added in control panel
    - Storing of window size and location
    - Full screen mode
    - PTZ control panel will be allocated to the corresponding investigative
      camera window
    Hint: The settings “Full screen” and “PTZ control visibility” can also be edited by context
    menu items of the investigative camera window.
  • Operator management added with the options “access investigative monitor” and “edit settings of the investigative camera monitor”
    Hint: If a software update is carried out all new user rights should be added to the corresponding operators afterwards.
  • New functions relating to the investigative site archive evaluation
    - Playback button shows the current playback speed
    - Setting and navigation of two marks for time optimised export of video archive
  • Signalling of “video motion alarms” modified
    - Motion event monitor can no longer be minimised to reduce chance of missing
      new motion events
    - The motion event monitor will only be minimised if the corresponding virtual monitor
      is minimised
  • Updated driver for the hardware key (USB dongle)

Read more in the Software History.
HeiTel customers will find the latest software release in the partner forum.

WebinaOn June 14th at 14.00 CET HeiTel offers a Webinar with the topic "New Software Features with CamControl LITE and CamControl MV". Click here for further information on our webinars.