CamControl MV 1.1.6 available

One of the main new features is the operator management which allows adding, changing and deleting operators. Another new feature is the extended PTZ control via mouse cursor and joystick. To support all functions you have to install the latest receiver software and HeiTel device firmware 2.02.

The main new features are:

  • Operator Management added
    - Adding, changing and deleting operators
    - Flexible option of permission settings for different operators
  • Extended PTZ control via mouse cursor and Joystick
    - PTZ with manual speed control for IP cameras from Sanyo, Sony, Messoa, Vista, Dynacolor and Grundig
  • Monitor context menu extended with options for “investigative camera”, “move camera window” and “custom layout”
  • Program handling optimised for adding or changing the monitor layout
  • Next to default camera layouts custom layouts can be created with freely adjustable number of columns and rows.
  • New option to automatically add transmitters: With option “add on site transmitter” all VideoGateway properties and cameras will be added to transmitter camera list automatically.
  • PTZ zoom in/out via mouse wheel added

Read more in the Software History.
HeiTel customers will find the latest software release in the partner forum.