CamControl LITE 4.06 / CamControl PLAYER 3.58 available

With the latest version of CamControl LITE 4.06 motion detection for IP cameras from Axis, Dynacolor and Grundig was integrated. Also the 360° Panogenics IP camera was added. Another new feature is the GPS  function for 3G/GPS module (only for CamServer 2c). To support all functions you have to install the latest receiver software and HeiTel device firmware 2.02.

The main new features are:

  • Motion detection from Axis, Dynacolor and Grundig IP cameras integrated
  • Panogenics IP camera added
  • Max. IP camera resolution increased to 5 mega pixels
  • New HTconnect Server v1.09
  • GPS function for 3G/GPS module added (only for CamServer 2c).
    Note: This feature is only supported with passive antennas that can optionally be obtained in specialist stores.
  • Number of characters of NTP server addresses increased

Read more in the Software History.
HeiTel customers will find the latest software release in the partner forum.