CamControl WM

The new software from HeiTel, "CamControl-WM" (Windows Mobile) completes the HeiTel software portfolio with a power tool for all Windows Mobile (Releases 5 and 6) based Smartphones and PDAs.

With CamControl-WM both live and recorded images can be viewed with a high frame rate (up to 10 fps given a high speed connection such as HSDPA). Moveable cameras (PTZ's) can be easily controlled with the stylus and relays remotely operated.

The HeiTel-owned and designed video compression procedure ensures pleasantly high frame rates, even with small bandwidths. All mobile radio standards such as GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA, CDMA as well as WLAN can be used for transmission.

As from now you can test the CamControl WM software free-of-charge for 30 days. If you want to purchase the CamControl WM software permanently, you may order a licence key for at a favourable price. An order will be generated automatically when you fill out the download form below.

If you want to test or order CamControl WM, please fill in your contact data and those of your installer respectively distributor. You then will receive automatically an email with a link to the free download as well as a filled in order form as PDF.

We would be grateful for your feedback regarding the CamControl WM.

Demo-ClipLearn about the full function range of the CamControl WM in a short video clip. You will find further information in the CamControl WM data sheet.

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