CamDisc HNVR - Firmware Update

We strongly recommend the update of your CamDisc HNVR with the latest firmware. You will benefit from bug fixes and all new features of the CamDisc HNVR.

Please note that only the latest receiver software CamControl LITE or CamControl PRO supports all new features of the latest firmware release (see HNVR firmware history).

You will find the download of the firmware at the end of this page!

Latest HNVR Firmware

v2.34      2014-08-04


Download the update.bin and place the file on your PC according to the installation guide in the subdirectory /DEVICEUPDATES of your CamControl LITE directory (CamControl LITE 3.64 or newer).
The update.bin is only intended for CamDisc HNVR devices!

Product information

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IconFirmware CamDisc HNVR 2.34 .(bin)
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