VideoGateways - The Next Generation

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VideoGateways - The Next Generation

The new HeiTel VideoGateway series is a logical, consequent development of the established SVR series. The VideoGateways do not only feature a new design, they also offer exceptional image processing performance and an enhanced storage concept. Improved video motion detection differentiates local and global image changes, ensuring a considerably lower false alarm rate. With their resistor-monitored inputs, all systems are fully compliant with both BS 8418 and VdS guidelines. The interfaces of the VG series (including VdS 2465) enable intelligent integration in Intrusion Detection Systems manufactured by third parties. With the CamDisc VG 2s and the Cam4mobile VG 2c, HeiTel has also extended its VideoGateway range to include 2-channel devices with integrated hard disk for both static and mobile use. The advanced temperature management for mobile systems Cam4mobile VG 4, Cam4mobile VG 10s and Cam4mobile VG 2c also extends the range of possible uses to which HeiTel systems can be put in mobile applications.

Full integration capability and year-by-year system backward compatibility are the key criteria for the development of the HeiTel range of products. This system concept enables the installer - as system integrator - to offer complete and customised system solutions.

HeiTel-VideoGateways are the central and integrating element of a video monitoring system. Their core function is not merely about recording, transmitting, analysing and presenting video by using all major transmission mediums; their system interfaces and logical functions also allow complete integration in a comprehensive security system, full integration with intrusion detection systems and signalling to central monitoring stations with video intervention capability. 

For decades, HeiTel-VideoGateways have distinguished themselves, particularly with extremely reliable hardware components; compatible since 2005 with embedded Linux-based technology. The backwards compatibility of the HeiTel software family with hardware as far back as 1995 is an important investment protection for all HeiTel customers and is normally the focal point of all system decisions. HeiTel VideoGateways are also environmentally friendly, because they have excellent energy balance and thus, low consequential operational running costs.